House of Kenneth Copeland & House of Creflo Dollar - YouTube

Photos of the multimillion-dollar houses of Kenneth Copeland and Creflo Dollar. Read FIRST FOUR chapters of the book The Prosperity Gospel Exposed: There are also several other videos here on youtube that exposes the PG, you can watch them here: Here is a short playlist, there are many more good videos besides these: Here are some good articles that show that having lots of money does NOT make you happy: Here is a good article on Kenneth Copeland The true gospel says, if you have two coats and see your brother in Christ without one you must give the extra to him. The prosperity gospel says, "Look at all the coats that God has given me, why has he not given you one? You must not be sending money to a preacher on TV." Can you see how twisted that doctrine is? If not, you have been brainwashed by false profits. You can find links to several other videos that also expose the prosperity gospel on the book's web site.