Pissed Off Charging Boar! Wild Hog Hunting - Boar Hunting - YouTube

A pissed off boar charges us while hog hunting and our gun keeps hanging up! The 44 magnum does do the job though...just in the nick of time too! 4 hogs are killed in this hunt. This video is educational and shows a wild hogs temper. Hog Hunting Boar Hunting If you want insurance against wild hogs, we are the best insurance you can get! We are better than auto insurance on your new truck! There isn't any magic medicine or pharmaceuticals that will get rid of them. Just hunters like us that love to play the game and gamble with these beast. Watch all of our videos to see all of the entertainment! Check out this Big Boar getting a running Head Shot!!! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tLk0k0bC4dc